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'It's The Full Expression Of What It Means To Be A Woman': Jonica T. Gibbs & Sophina Brown On BET's 'Twenties'

(CBS Local)-- "Twenties" on BET is a show that explores many different topics like coming of age, friendship and love.

The comedy from Lena Waithe has placed Black women in leading roles and for actors Jonica T. Gibbs and Sophina Brown, "Twenties" has given them the opportunity to have their voices amplified in a way they never have been before.

"I've had so much gratitude throughout this entire process because it has been a whirlwind," said Gibbs in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "I was kind of just thrust into it and Lena [Waithe] gave me the opportunity to audition out of nowhere. I think it was God's divine timing how things came to fruition. When you're ready for something to happen, it happens. The transition has been so much fun and I'm loving it."

"I feel extremely human in this role," said Brown. "A lot of the things I've done in the past haven't had as much of an intersection in terms of humanity. The opportunity to play this role and really fully express things. It's not completely dramatic or heavy, there's levity. They do a brilliant job writing this show. It's the full expression of what it means to be a woman."


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Gibbs' character Hattie is loosely based of Waithe. Hattie is a gay screenwriter trying to making it in Hollywood and Brown plays Ida B, who is Hattie's boss. The series is rounded out by Christina Elmore and Gabrielle Graham and well-known guest stars like Big Sean, former NBA players Rick Fox and Iman Shumpert and actor Vanessa Williams. Both Gibbs and Brown are thankful that the show addresses many important issues like sexuality and friendships.

"Sometimes I don't even recognize the significance of the circumstance just because I'm in it," said Gibbs. "I know where I was at 22 and how I was trying to find a space for who I was. Sometimes I forget I was in that space that I needed to see a visual representation of someone who I could relate to. However, when I do reflect back on those times in my life, I do 100% understand the significance of this moment and playing this character. It's loosely based off of Lena and she's incredible and gave me so much direction on set. She gave me the space to create this character in my own regard."

"Friendship is one of my favorite components of Twenties," said Brown. "Friendship is what draws me to the television shows I watch. It's so wonderful to see these three women have this friendship where they go through some stuff. They are brutally honest with each other, but they are always speaking to each other with love. The writers of the show and Lena hit the nail on the head. We do have lots of opinions. At the end of the day, it all comes back to love and camaraderie and to be 100% authentic with the people that have chosen to do life with you."

Watch "Twenties" on BET & BET+.

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