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Horrible Winter Weather Wreaks Havoc On Maryland Roads

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The wear and tear of this winter weather is wreaking havoc on the roads. With storm after storm, an epidemic of potholes has broken out across Maryland.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the damage they're causing.

Normally road crews don't even start repairing potholes until the end of February but this year is so bad, they're already out in full force.

This wicked winter is causing potholes to form faster than they can be filled and they're doing some serious damage.

"Within two months, my car was completely done," said one driver.

"My car just hit a pothole the other day and I think...I don't makes a really weird noise," another driver said.

A massive crater on North Forest Park Avenue blew out the tires of at least seven cars Monday afternoon.

"It not only popped my tire, but it completely ruined my rim. My rim has two major dents in it so I have to get a new rim," said driver Corey Cheney.

He's not alone. At Kelly's Body Shop in Cockeysville, many drivers are feeling the pain of potholes.

"If you see water, it's probably because the pothole is filled with water so avoid that at all costs because you don't know how deep it can be," said Thomas Kelly.

The city's already filled more than a thousand potholes this year. That's double the number they'd normally fill by this time.

"Our roads have had a brutal beating this winter with the weather, the fluctuating weather, so of course you're going to see potholes," said Adrienne Barnes, Department of Transportation.

But with more snow headed our way, we may be dealing with this for some time to come.

City officials ask drivers to call 311 to report potholes. At this point, crews are just temporarily repairing potholes. Permanent repairs will be done in the spring.

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