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Growing Speculation Over Future Of Mayor Rawlings-Blake

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- There is growing speculation over the future of Baltimore City's mayor. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has been gracing national stages lately in a more positive light.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake assumed the office of mayor in 2010.

"I have not asked anyone to pack their bags," she said, after being sworn in.

Now, she's packing her own.

"I have chosen to govern rather than to campaign, and I hope the public sees it for that," the mayor announced.

But governing isn't all she's been doing. She was front and center at the Democratic National Convention, and she was seated next to President Obama as leader of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. She has also given national news interviews on policing and prosecution.

In the week of the Freddie Gray unrest, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake chose not to seek re-election, but appears to be laying the groundwork for the next step.

It was Mayor Rawlings-Blake who convinced the Urban League to make Baltimore its platform for saving U.S. cities this week.

"To help set the agenda of where we go from here," said Rawlings-Blake.

And where does she go from here?

"I'm not, you know, thinking about anything in particular. I'm not ruling anything out," she said.

Not ruling out a higher position with the Democratic National Committee, where she is now secretary.

"It's a way to stay active on the national scene and to play an important role in strengthening the party," said Matthew Crenson, political scientist.

Or maybe a run for governor?

"Undoubtedly in a contest between her and Hogan, the issue of the Freddie Gray uprising would come up," said Crenson.

She says her focus now is Baltimore.

"There's plenty of time for me to figure out what's next," Mayor Rawlings-Blake said.

And she's not ruling out private practice. There are plenty of law firms that would be happy to have a former mayor.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake will leave office at noon, December 6 when the new mayor is sworn in.

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