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Go Inside The Revamped Celebrity Big Brother House

(CBS) -- What has 94 cameras, 113 microphones and 11 celebrities inside competing for $250,000?  It's the new Celebrity Big Brother House!

This season, celebrities including Lamar Odom and Chris Kirkpatrick from NSync, will be living in a house beautifully decorated as a contemporary Swiss chalet.

When you enter the Big Brother house, a crystal chandelier with 300,000 illuminated beads greets the new houseguests.

A cozy living room with a curved sofa surrounds a mid-century fire-pit, custom made travel posters of Swiss landmarks & stacked stone cover the walls.

The dining room features a Saarinen-inspired table and the newly designed kitchen has new appliances and a kitchen island with a cooktop.

Outside the kitchen is the new snowy patio outfitted with a hot tub and a gas fireplace.

For the first time in nearly 20 seasons, the spiral staircase has been replaced with a grand staircase that leads to the plush little hideaway as a charming gondola with cushy benches to relax, strategized and play chess.

The first bedroom pays homage to the famous Swiss Ski Patrol and Rescue Teams.  A mosaic of skis and bedazzled boots complete the look.

The celebs will feel like they're in a massive cuckoo clock in the second bedroom which features a massive 9' tall cuckoo clock and watches, mantle clocks and antique time pieces filling out the space.

The third bedroom is a pink party of a room that showcases tasty Swiss chocolate.  Hand-made artificial chocolates fill LED trimmed boxes of candy.  It's literally eye candy.

The Big Brother bathroom is a retreat in itself outfitted with a beauty bar, gold fixtures, black sinks and a full sized sauna and a gym for the celebs to stay fit.

And finally the HOH bedroom inspired by the famous Swiss ice-constructed hotels with chilly blocks of "ice" flanking the room and carved "snow" and "icicles.  The chill continues into the HOH bathroom with crystals rising through the walls alongside a new, freestanding tub.

Don't miss the premiere of Celebrity Big Brother on Wednesday, February 2nd at 8pm on the CBS, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.

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