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Glenn Younes: Olympics Tape Delay

In today's day and age where everything is instant it gives the power to the ones complaining... The media. Twitter, Facebook, social media will give the current live info and create a live marketplace to follow the Olympics while still offering it in prime time "traditional" slots for maximization of money. TV has it taped for money.

More eyes watch in prime time no matter when the events happen live. The old way still pays but in the mean time social media is the place for current news. Take advantage of the fact that we can know live, instant news in many ways (streaming included).

Anyway, do you the audience care that's things are taped and run in prime time? Do you avoid the sports world then watch after work? Do you DVR & watch on your own time. Do you know and still watch? Tell me everything of you Olympic viewing habits. I'm interested.

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