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Glenn And Matt Vensel Talk Ravens 53-Man Roster

Glenn and Matt Vensel Talk Ravens 53 Man Roster

Matt Vensel with the Baltimore Sun joined the Glenn Younes show to talk about the Ravens heading into the final week of the preseason.

Glenn started off the conversation by asking Matt about the overall team morale during Ravens practice after a rough game against the Carolina Panthers. "It's really hard to tell. The vibe around there is they're really not that concerned…I don't think they're panicking yet."

Later on in the conversation Glenn asked Matt who he thinks will be the third tight end behind Ed Dickson and Dallas Clark; Billy Bajema or Matt Furstenburg? Matt said it's a tough call because Bajema is known to make the team for his blocking ability while on the other hand Furstenburg has potential to be a great pass catcher, "One guy has promise and youth and some pass catching ability and the other guy brings a known commodity to the table." He went on to make his pick by saying that they have two pass catching tight ends in Dickson and Clark, "they might just try and keep Bajema".

The guys also talked about the battle at the wide receiver position to make the team. Glenn asked Matt who he thinks are locks to make the cut. "Torrey, Jacoby and Brandon Stokley I think are locks at this point. As far as the other guy's go I think Tandon Doss is pretty close to being a lock." Glenn then asked what the Ravens see in Tandon Doss. "From my perspective it seems that he might be the most well rounded of that group. The fact that he has a little bit of size, pretty strong hands and he's pretty quick; I don't think there is anything he does exceptionally well, but he does a lot of little things."

Listen to the full conversation here and follow Glenn Younes on twitter @gunitradio. Don't forget to use the hashtag #GYshow.

Matt Vensel is also on twitter, follow him @mattvensel.

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