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Woman Loses Part Of Her Finger After She Is Attacked By 2 Loose Dogs

GLEN BURNIE. Md. (WJZ)— Anne Arundel County Police are searching for two dangerous dogs that attacked a woman in Glen Burnie Sunday night. That woman lost part of her finger as she tried to defend her own dogs.

Meghan McCorkell has the disturbing details of the attack.

Kathy Hiett lost part of her pinky finger in the attack. It's a particularly tough loss for the piano player who's the musical director of her church.

Hiett is staying close to her two dogs.

"Thank God we're alive," she said.

She was walking Kali and Rudy on Lincoln Avenue Sunday when two unleashed dogs knocked Kali to the ground and attacked.

"When your dog is screaming and those two dogs are relentless, that fight or flight instinct kicks in, you know what I'm saying," she said.

As the dogs continued to bite, Hiett wrapped her arms around her dog's neck. Her pinky finger was bitten in two.

"Next thing I know, I hear someone screaming out, `Help, help, help,'" said neighbor Andy Werner.

Werner was inside his home when he heard the attack. He got Hiett and Kali into his house, then ran out to help Rudy---armed with the first thing he could grab: a plastic candy cane.

"As soon as she said, `My other dog is down there,' I just grabbed the candy cane and ran to try and get her dog," Werner said.

He managed to beat the attacking dogs back. That's when someone in a dark-colored car pulled up, whistled for the two dogs and they jumped inside. Now police are trying to find the dogs and hunt down the driver.

"It definitely concerns us that kids could have been on the street at this time, riding their bikes, and two stray pit bulls attack," said Anne Arundel County Police Lt. T.J. Smith.

"A child would not have survived what happened to my dog last night," Hiett said.

As for Hiett, she vows this injury won't stop her from playing the piano again.

"I'll be able to play. I'll manage to play because that's what I love to do," she said.

She just hopes police find those dogs.

Hiett will undergo hand surgery on Friday but she will play piano at her church Tuesday and Wednesday.

The two loose dogs were both brown and white. Police believe they may be a pit bull mix.

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