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City College Raising Money For New Library

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ)—The library at one of Baltimore's most prestigious high schools has fallen on hard times. So, the school has begun a major fund raising effort to raise two million dollars to build a new one.

Ron Matz has more on the Torch Burning Bright campaign at Baltimore City College.

Take one look at the City College library and you can tell it hasn't been renovated in nearly 50 years--the bookshelves in disarray, damaged carpeting, and a noticeable lack of digital tools, including computers.

"We only have 30 computers in the library for over a thousand students, and sometimes when you go the computers half of them aren't even working," said SGA President Chijoke Oranye.

So the school has embarked on the Torch Burning Bright campaign, led by former Mayor Kurt Schmoke, a 1967 City College graduate.

"The library has been the heart of the institution and you see it now and it's not in great shape, but the vision for it is just tremendous," said Schmoke.

That vision will modernize the school's academic resources and expand City's legacy as an educational leader.

"We're talking about 10,000 square-feet of library," said Cindy Harcum, City College Principal.

In just six months the Torch Burning Bright campaign has raised $674,000, but that's only about a third of the funds needed.

"The library is so important. It's the heart of an academic institution to see the City College community coming together like this is just wonderful," said Schmoke.

The contributions and commitments to the Torch Burning Bright campaign have come from individuals, foundations, and corporations and the Baltimore City Public School system.




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