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CBS Analyst Dan Dierdorf On The New Ravens Offensive Tackle

Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
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Dan Dierdorf is a former NFL all-pro offensive tackle for the  St. Louis Cardinals, and is currently a game analysts for CBS sports.

Dan joined Ed and Steve today to talk about the Ravens, and their recent trade for Eugene Monroe.

Dan Dierdorf

Steve asks: What you think about Ravens move and how much time he need?

Dan: Not sure about similarity between two offensive systems as far as terminology and that could be tough, red in Baltimore doesn't mean red everywhere else. Its a mental challenge.

Ed: Do you agree with Ravens going away from the run?

Dan: When your that out of balance it puts a lot of pressure on offensive line, Baltimore has a quality full back and running back so I think there will be a lot more balance in the Baltimore offensive down the road.

Steve: Can you evaluate Monroe as a player and compare him to McKinnie?

Dan: Solid player, probably a better run blocker than pass blocker. He is so tall and gets so high sometimes he thinks just leaning on someone is good enough when its not.

Ed: Anything really surprise you?

Dan: Giants, haven't even been competitive. Pittsburgh and Giants don't have very good offensive lines. They are getting trampled up front.

Steve: Might Browns be a competitor for the AFC North title race?

Dan: They are real on defense and special teams but not very explosive on offensive. Baltimore has a lot more going for them offensively.

Ed: Have you seen anything like what the coach is doing in Tampa Bay?

Dan: Bill Belichick rules with an iron fist but a locker room will take sides. Some will be on Freeman's side and the others will take Schiano's side.

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