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Baltimore's Most Wanted Criminal Sought

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ)--An armed and dangerous is robbing multiple businesses in Baltimore City and County.

Tracey Leong has the story on this most wanted criminal.

Baltimore Police launching their most wanted program to get the public's help in catching dangerous criminals. The robbery suspect is the first to make the list.

Take a good look, police need your assistance capturing this heinous criminal.

"We need someone to step forward and get this person off the street," said Deputy Commissioner, Kevin Davis.

Heading to the top of the Baltimore Police Department's Most Wanted list, this man has been on a violent robbing spree for more than four months.

"The only trend is he's hitting both the city and the county," Davis said.

Terrorizing day and night with a handgun, leaving many business owners on edge.

"I would not want to be put in that situation with an armed robber," said Trevor Green.

Trevor Green owns the Canton Market and worries he could be next.

Businesses like Canton Market have added surveillance cameras around their store hoping it will discourage the criminals from targeting them.

"You're not really going to be prepared for it, and I don't want to risk anyone's life over 50 bucks or soda," said Green.

With this dangerous man on the streets police aren't taking any chances. No one has been hurt in these attacks, but police want to catch him before it's too late.

"He's a danger not only to the business community, but community at large. We all go in and out of these stories routinely as do our family members and friends and neighbors," said Davis.

The most wanted suspect is described as 5'9" weighing 230 pounds and is in his mid 30's. A $12,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to his arrest.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of the suspect  is urged to call 1-866-756-2587.

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