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Baltimore Is Celebrating All Things Beer

BALTIMORE (WJZ) --  Baltimore is about to celebrate all things beer.  You may not realize it, but Charm City has a rich history of beer-making, part of the land of pleasant living.

Ron Matz has more on what's brewing for Baltimore Beer Week.

Natty Boh will be beaming down on the third annual Baltimore Beer Week.

"We call it celebrating all things beer in the land of pleasant living. We've taken that historical line from Natty Boh, but it's about what's going on today. You'll be able to go to more than 80 different places around town, meet brewers and see the array of beers available. The events will be in different and unique venues," said Joe Gold, founder of Baltimore Beer Week.

Max's on Broadway is one of those stops starting Thursday. It's a chance to meet local and even international brewers.

Baltimore's Beer Week celebration will include a walking tour of Brewers Hill and Canton, an area once home to more than 25 breweries.

"We'll do a walking tour of the Brewers Hill and Canton area on Oct. 9. It should be a unique event.  We're going to talk about the history. We'll visit the remnants of the National Brewing and Gunther Brewing companies," said Dominic Cantlupo, founder of Baltimore Beer Week.  "I grew up in the Brewers Hill area.  It was called that for a reason.  At one time there were 29 breweries there.  Where Sacred Heart Church is used to be the Fort Marshall Brewery. Where the Knotty Pine Inn is used to be the Oriental Brewery."

While the famous breweries are no longer here, the craft industry is booming.

"The craft industry is a hot item and we want to bring light to that.  We want to celebrate our history, but we want to talk about who's doing business now.  We have Pratt Street Ale House, Brewer's Art. You have Flying Dog, which is based on Frederick.  The growth these guys are seeing is astronomical," said Gold.

And there is a history to celebrate.

"We have a really deep beer culture here.  The first brewery here was in 1748.  The only other time we didn't have brewing here was during prohibition," said Gold.  "Ironically it's Natty Boh, that's what Baltimore embraces.  But traditionally we as a port city has had access to more beer than just about anyone else on the East Coast."

Baltimore Beer Week runs from Oct. 6-16. For more information, click here.

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