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Baltimore Holds Second National Drug Takeback Day

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- All around the country, people were properly throwing out their unused prescription drugs. 

Four thousand pounds of pills were collected during last year's event, and Andrea Fujii explains even more was expected Saturday.

Disposing of prescription drugs the safe way.  This is the second National Drug Takeback Day hosted by the DEA.

"Opiates, benzodiazapine, things that are potentially dangerous," said DEA investigator Terry Riley.

At Towson University, residents dropped off multiple bottles of controlled substances, later to be incinerated.

"Some of them are outdated, some of them I never used up, so this is a good way to get rid of them," said Emma Caughey.

It's a nationwide initiative, due to rampant prescription drug abuse and public safety risks.  Officials used to tell people to flush their drugs down the toilet, but studies now show it damages the environment.

"In fact, the worst thing they can do, which is why so many fish don't know if they're boys or girls, because of the amount of drugs that go into our waterways," said Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.

Within a year, Maryland's program may be the first in the country to offer these opportunities daily.

"Have every day and every pharmacy participate in a drug takeback program," Gansler said.

There were several drug takebacks around the state Saturday.

To learn more about how to safely dispose of prescription drugs, click here.

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