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Autopsy: Teen Died Of Natural Causes After Being Tased 5 Times By Police

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The family of the man who was Tasered by Baltimore City police while a patient in the hospital is not pleased with the most recent investigation results.

Marcus Washington spoke with the family's attorney.

The attorney says after reviewing the investigation and speaking with a number of doctors, he thinks George King's death is because he was Tased by police.

He walked into Good Samaritan Hospital on May 6 because of an allergic reaction to medication given to him by a dentist---but George King Jr. never walked out. His family says his death was in the hands of Baltimore City police's actions.

"Officers are here to protect and serve. This case, this is not protect and serve," said King's mother.

An extensive investigation by the Baltimore City state's attorney shows King began suffering from seizures and when hospital workers tried to move him to ICU, he refused and became combative, resulting in hospital personnel calling police. Once officers arrived, they ordered King to calm down but say he did not...resulting in King being Tased five times.

The Baltimore City state's attorney released a statement pertaining to King's death, saying in part, "The investigation revealed that Mr. King's death was the result of natural causes. Specifically, an autopsy conducted by the OCME determined the cause of death to be acute epidural abscess and meningitis with complications."

It goes on to say " abscess on the spinal cord and infection of the membranes surrounding the brain, leading to the extensive destruction of the cells comprising the brain, which likely contributed to the cardiac arrest."

"And it was made clear in the first few minutes that they weren't going to press charges against the police officers. We were distraught once we heard that news," said the family's attorney, Granville Templeton.

Templeton says he believes there are elements in the Baltimore City state's attorney investigation that would allow charges to be filed against the lawsuit and that the next step in this case is a civil lawsuit.

"There are a lot of aspects to this case. There are a lot of experts that are going to be needed so we are getting our team together, making sure we have everything ready before we file a lawsuit, but yes, we are moving in that direction," he said.

King's mother says she is disappointed in the results of the investigation.

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