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Aspiring Actors Audition For Political Drama 'House Of Cards' In Bel Air

BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) -- Who said stars are only discovered in Hollywood? A lucky few got a chance Saturday to audition for one of the hottest shows out right now that films in and around Baltimore -- House of Cards.

The Netflix-produced political drama has kept fans wanting more, and those fans often time have ambitions of acting alongside the actors.

"I am the next spice to cast on House of Cards," said Shba Cochrane, who drove five hours from Youngstown, Ohio for Saturday's casting call in Bel Air.

It's a chance for actors to catch their big break outside of Hollywood. Take Jerry Long from Richmond, Virginia, who has previously been cast for the political drama.

"You learn to be disciplined and you also learn to look like, this is the most interesting thing I've ever heard," said Long.

This year, actors say the wait wasn't long at all.

"Walked in, people were very friendly, very nice. They took my picture and out the door," said Cochrane.

It's an opportunity that could be the beginning of a big career, or just a dream come true. Either way, many say it was worth the drive and wait.

"Bring your patience, because the actual casting call is pretty much like a day of work," Long said.

"If this is something you truly want to do, then you'll do what you have to do," said Cochrane.

House of Cards began back in 2013. While the show is based in Washington, D.C., filming is primarily done in and around the Baltimore area.

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