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Andrew Muscato On His New Movie 'Doped: The Dirty Side Of Sports'

Andrew Muscato is a filmmaker who specializes in sports documentaries.

Andrew joined Ed and Steve to talk about his new movie 'Doped: The Dirty Side Of Sports' which offers a timely and critical look at the often controversial history of anti-doping policies in professional sports.

Steve asked Andrew if he thinks fans are aware of the continuing problems of performance enhancing drugs in sports and the ineffectiveness of drug testing in professional leagues. Andrew believes that fans really don't know the true extent to the flaws in the system saying, "I think most fans know the testing doesn't work. I think they would be surprised with how poor it really is. Only 1 percent of athletes who get tested fail their tests."

Ed asked Andrew if he thought that any professional sports leagues have gotten right performance enhancing drug testing. Andrew doesn't think any leagues have really stepped to the forefront in this issue saying, "it doesn't seem that way. Leagues benefit from athletes that use performance enhancing drugs. I think their improving in their investigating, but there is no proof that its getting better."

Andrew went on to discuss the involvement of Rob Manfred and Ed Dominguez in the fight against performance enhancing drugs in the MLB, as well as what it is like for Olympic athletes that get tested.

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