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Aberdeen High School Students Call Attention To Alleged Sexual Assaults, Police Investigate Suspected Gang Violence

ABERDEEN, Md. (WJZ) — A flyer circulating at Aberdeen High School alleges sexual assault and harassment at the school is going uninvestigated by officers and the administration, the Aberdeen Police Department said.

According to spokesperson Lt. Will Reiber, despite the allegations on the flyer, the department has not received reports of any such incidents.

On Thursday, some students plan to wear white t-shirts with teal handprints on them to show solidarity with sexual assault awareness victims.

"For the people who won't speak up or can't speak up because of fear, we're speaking up for them through the white shirts," student Jasmine Torres said.

This is part of a staged sit-in at 11 a.m.

"School administrators are acknowledging the repercussions and effects the allegations have had on the school and want to ensure students know they are there to support them and ensure their safety," said Jillian Lader, a spokesperson for Harford County Public Schools "While students will have grade-level meetings tomorrow morning, we understand students would like to exercise their right to protest. To ensure students can do so safely, the school will provide a safe location on campus for students to hold their protest."

The flyer listed names of the alleged perpetrators, Lt. Reiber confirmed.

"There were names associated on that flyer and as a result, one of those individuals that were named on the flyer was assaulted," Reiber said.

A student was charged Monday for allegedly carrying out that assault. It is one of several physical fights the department is investigating, some of which are suspected to have ties with gangs, the department said.

Over the past week, the department has investigated multiple incidents involving teens with alleged gang ties committing assaults in the community, Lt. Reiber said.

Investigators have identified three students allegedly involved in an assault that occurred Monday morning at the high school. The suspects were charged with assault and reckless endangerment.

Two of the three students were also identified in another violent attack, Lt. Reiber stated. In this incident, a child was hospitalized and is still recovering there. The two students were also charged in this crime.

Because of the recent string of violence, there will be a heightened police presence on campus.

"We have five to eight officers that are on school grounds on any given day," Lt. Reiber explained. "Some have specialized training in protection from gangs. We have crime analysts from Harford County's State's Attorney's Office that are helping us validate and verify if some of these juveniles are in fact part of the new gangs that are in the area."

The police department is asking parents and students with information or concerns to contact their agency or the school.

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