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Texas Medical Board to discuss clarifying state's abortion law

Texas Medical Board to discuss abortion exemptions
Texas Medical Board to discuss abortion exemptions 01:00

The Texas Medical Board is set to talk about the possibility of clarifying exemptions when it comes to abortions in the Lone Star state.

North Texas mother Kate Cox made national headlines when she asked for an abortion after she said her doctors told her it was medically necessary.

The law allows an abortion under a medical or life-threatening exception and it is one of the only exceptions in Texas for abortions.  Emergency medical exceptions to the state's abortion ban are very rare.

Cox left Texas for her abortion as her request played out in court.

Eventually, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that Cox did not need a court order for an abortion, saying it was the doctor's call to make. Doctors argue the language of the law is too vague and they worry about the potential legal consequences.

According to the board's agenda, on Friday they will discuss a rule review and look at clarifying the language as to what qualifies as a medical exception to the state's abortion law.

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