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Read the full email a Texas DPS trooper sent over concerns of alleged inhumane handling of migrants

Texas troopers told to push back migrants into Rio Grande, report says
Texas troopers told to push back migrants into Rio Grande, report says 02:11

TEXAS ( — Allegations of inhumanity and mistreatment of migrants on the Texas-Mexico border aren't new, but a leaked email from a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper shows alarms are now being sounded from within the ranks.

The email was sent to command staff earlier this month by a trooper working in Eagle Pass. In it, the trooper voices concern over alleged orders that were given when handling migrants at the border. The email was later shared with multiple outlets, including CBS News.

This week, the trooper's claims of cruel treatment reached Washington—igniting a national outcry and calls for an investigation.

Read the full email in its entirety below. Note: Names have been redacted for privacy reasons.

Good afternoon, [REDACTED].

My name is [REDACTED] I am a very proud Trooper and Medic for Texas DPS. I love this State and this Department. I fully understand the mission of Operation Lone Star and completely agree that we need to secure the border from bad people. I want to inform you of some of the issues we had while working the operation as a Trooper Medic from 6/24/23 to 7/1/23 in Eagle Pass TX.

On 6/25/23 we went on patrol to see how many gates were locked on the fence line south of the casualty wire at approximately 2200. In while doing so we came across 120 people camped out along the fence line. In this group there was several small children and babies who were nursing. The entire group was exhausted hungry and tired. We called the shift officer in command, and we were given orders to push the people back into the water to go to Mexico. We decided that this was not the correct thing to do. With the very real potential of exhausted people drowning. We made contact with command again and expressed our concerns and we were given the order to tell them to go to Mexico and get into our vehicle and leave. After we left, members of the brush team coordinated with Border patrol and got the people processed and taken care of.

On 6/30/23 at approximately 1500 we had group of people at the casualty wire seeking refuge. In this group was a 4 year old female who attempted to cross the wire and was pressed back by Texas Guard soldiers due to the orders given to them. The temperature was well over 100 degrees. Shortly thereafter the 4 year old passed out due to exhaustion and a DPS Sgt and Texas Guard Soldier extricated the patient and transported to us. We provided treatment to the unresponsive patient and transferred care to EMS.

On 6/30/23 we had an adult male with a significant laceration in his left leg. We asked him what happened and he stated that he had a child who was stuck on a trap in the water. He said that there was a barrel that had casualty wire all over it and his child was stuck on it. He extricated his kid and while doing so the barrel trap lacerated his leg.

On 6/30/23 we had a 15 year old male child who while walking in the river due to the casualty wire being laid out in a manner that it forced him into the river where it is unsafe to travel. In while doing so he broke his right leg and his father carried him the rest of the way to the Rosetta gate. We then splinted the leg and transferred care to EMS.

On 6/30/23 at approximately 2130 while patrolling the casualty wire near Pecan Farms we came across a 19 year old female who was in obvious pain stuck in the casualty wire who was doubled over. We cut her out of the wire and medically assessed her. She was pregnant and was having a miscarriage. We promptly coordinated with Eagle Pass EMS and transferred care.

With the casualty wire running for several miles along the river in areas where it is easier for people to cross. It forces people to cross in other areas that are deeper and not as safe for people carrying kids and bags. On 7/1/23 at approximately 1630 we had reports from border patrol that there was a mother and two children struggling to cross the river. Our TMU boat team searched for the victims and found the mother and one child who went under the water for a minute. They rescued two of victims and started life saving measures. They were transferred to Eagle Pass EMS and were later called deceased at the hospital. The other child that Border Patrol saw was never found. In total 5 people drowned this week in the area of operation.

I truly believe in the mission of Operation Lone Star; I believe we a have stepped over a line into the in humane. We need to operate it correctly in the eyes of God. We need to recognize that these are people who are made in the image of God and need to be treated as such. The casualty wire needs to provide protection to the state and provide a safe means of travel on solid land to proper collection points. The wire also needs to be manned and patrolled constantly to provide security for these families who are seeking refuge. The wire on the shore needs to be lighted at night so people can see the wire and not stumble into it as a trap. The wire and barrels in the river needs to be taken out as this is nothing but a in humane trap in high water and low visibility. Due to the extreme heat, the order to not give people water needs to be immediately reversed as well. I also believe that forcing refugees to cross back into Mexico vs getting them to Border Patrol is putting them back in the hands of the Cartels where they are assaulted robbed and raped. This plays into advantage of the Cartels as they can charge them again to cross them over. I say all of this in due respect and deep concern, thank you.

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