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Dallas mayor steps up opposition to severance pay for former city manager

Dallas mayor opposes "golden parachute" severance pay for former city manager
Dallas mayor opposes "golden parachute" severance pay for former city manager 03:10

DALLAS — Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson is stepping up his opposition to the city and its taxpayers for having to pay former City Manager T.C. Broadnax more than $400,000 in severance.

This past Sunday, on Eye On Politics, Johnson told CBS News Texas, "I hope we're not on the hook for that."

Two days later, the mayor fired off a memo to City Attorney Tammy Palomino saying, "I am writing to express my opposition to the City of Dallas paying any severance to Mr. Broadnax."

The severance would be consistent with his former annual salary of more than $423,000.

"As the City of Dallas' chief legal counsel, whose job it is to defend the residents and taxpayers of Dallas, could you please clarify the following: Considering the highly questionable nature and background of Mr. Broadnax's resignation, should Mr. Broadnax be paid severance pay from the City of Dallas?" Johnson asked Palomino.

Broadnax resigned February 21, and on April 4, he was hired as Austin's new city manager.

Four days later, on April 8, Broadnax sent a letter to the city attorney referring to a provision in his contract. 

"This memorandum is to advise you that per Section IX(b)4 of my Agreement of Employment, I notified the City Council of my resignation from my position as City Manager, on February 21, 2024, following suggestions that I resign by a majority of the City Council..." the letter reads.

Broadnax then listed the eight council members and the dates and times they suggested he resign.

"It's clear the person wasn't being asked to leave. The situation we were dealing with is pretty straightforward," Johnson said during his interview with CBS News Texas. "Someone wanted to leave and take another position and they did. And that's fine, this is America. You've got the right to do that. But do you have the right to walk out the door with half a million dollars of taxpayer money?"

Last week, the city council voted to shift an extra $419,797 into the city manager's office, which would make the money available for Broadnax's severance.

Johnson insists the council take a public vote on this. He doesn't want a similar provision in the contract for a new City Manager. 

"I don't want to pay any more folks for leaving the job," Johnson said. "How about paying a city manager a bonus or additional compensation for hitting some aggressive metrics we have for improving the permitting office or further driving down violent crime or further driving down the taxes in the city."

CBS News Texas reached out to the City of Austin to see if Broadnax has any comment about Johnson opposing any severance, and the spokesman there said Broadnax won't be discussing the mayor's opposition to severance being paid.  

Watch the full interview with Johnson by clicking here.

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