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North Texas prom night afterparty becomes a homicide investigation

North Texas prom night afterparty becomes a homicide investigation
North Texas prom night afterparty becomes a homicide investigation 02:13

FORT WORTH — The emergency surgeries could not save Daniel Olalde Moreno's life early Sunday morning. His older brother Francisco said when he got to John Peter Smith Hospital, the 19-year-old was dead.

Olalde Moreno had five brothers and two sisters. He was next to the youngest son. Fransisco Olalde said his brother went to Polytech High School and helped his father do masonry work.

Nothing could help the Fort Worth man survive gunshot wounds to the liver. His family hopes to have services for him this week.

In the meantime, Fort Worth Police acknowledge the triple shooting is now a homicide investigation. Investigators said nothing else about the case.

A previous release of information confirmed the shooting of Moreno and two others at home in the 3900 block of Singleleaf Lane early Sunday morning just before 1 am.

"We're not ok. It's trauma," Leonora Castillo said.

Her son, an Arlington Heights High School, had a party that was supposed to be for schoolmates. But word of the party somehow spread, Castillo said.

She said the uninvited guests got into a fight over dominoes or dice, which, according to Castillo, evolved into gunfire.

"They didn't know my son, and they still showed up," Castillo said. "But that's what happens with those invites when they go out on social media or word of mouth even."

CBS New Texas watched a surveillance video from one of her neighbor's security systems. Marcos Wiggins did not want to release the video for safety reasons, but it shows partygoers running in the wake of gunfire, at least 12 seconds of shooting.

"I made my husband go and feel my baby completely," Meagan Terry said. "We would have known, right? If our house got shot, right?"

As the couple checked their child in the baby monitor and did a physical body check, Moreno and two others got shot. The two others survived. Their ages and conditions have not been update.

Police said Sunday the two were in stable condition after arriving at JPS Hospital in a private vehicle.

By that time, Terry and her husband were talking with police, reflecting on moments of terror.

At one point, I was just hiding on the other side of my bed, just from my window to make sure it - like if it went through my front window that I wouldn't be shot," Terry said.

She said it was an experience that they'd never had in a neighborhood the family still considers safe.

Report #240030777 is the case number tipsters can refer to when calling the police about the case.

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