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Deep Ellum beefs up security for Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day

Deep Ellum beefs up security for Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day
Deep Ellum beefs up security for Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day 02:22

DALLAS — Daniel Montes says Deep Ellum used to be his favorite place to hang out.

"2016 through 2019 this was my place to go, The Green Room, RIP," said Montes who traveled to Deep Ellum with friends on Sunday.

But a series of shootings and other incidents over the past few years, have made Montes think twice about coming to the popular entertainment district.

"Just the safety issues, the violence, the shootouts it just got really scary, " said Montes. "Once the sun starts to go down, I'm gonna head out just because it doesn't feel safe," said Montes.

 Almost a year ago, two people were shot and killed at a Deep Ellum Bar. DPD stepped up patrols in the area in response.  And ahead of the busy spring break and St. Patrick's Day festivities the Deep Ellum Foundation says they're beefing up their security team with more private security guards and off-duty officers to keep visitors safe. 

"I feel a bit safer, business is starting to pick back up," said Eduardo Gonzalez the bar manager at Revolver Taco Lounge in Deep Ellum. 

Gonzalez says the increased safety efforts have made a noticeable change in the community.

"It definitely feels a lot safer I'd say there feels like there's more presence more support not just police but Deep Ellum security which is really great they respond to calls within 60 seconds," said Gonzalez.

In November of 2022, the Deep Ellum Task Force was created, a unit of DPD officers specifically assigned to patrol on busy weekends. 

"I talk with a lot of different people who haven't been back in a while now they're coming  back and they definitely say that it was kind of sketchy back then, now that they walk around and they see all these changes they feel a lot safer."

The Deep Ellum Foundation also hires off-duty officers to patrol the area and manages the Deep Ellum Safe Hotline (214-449-1493) where residents can text or call in any concerns they have 24/7.

Gonzalez welcomes the changes. He says a safer Deep Ellum means better business for restaurants and a better experience for his patrons.

"it definitely feels a lot better running a business a lot less dangerous," said Gonzalez.

DPD says they'll be stepping up patrols citywide during spring break to crack down on drunk and drugged driving.  

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