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Dallas police taking action to get sex workers off the streets

Dallas police enforcing prostitution ordinance
Dallas police enforcing prostitution ordinance 02:01

DALLAS — The problems with illegal sex solicitation have been happening in a neighborhood off Harry Hines and Walnut Hill Lane.

Three weeks ago, they appeared day and night by the dozens, outside an adult video store where they walk up to cars in an area known for illegal sex solicitation. 

But in recent days, nearby business owners who complained about it have noticed a change. 

"Yeah, now you can see it's clear," said Mohammed Jinini, who owns Kings Outlet. "It's better it's for a business, it's better for the area. We feel more comfy."

Jinini says he has seen a noticeable drop in the number of sex workers walking in front of his store. 

Dallas Police said they began enforcing an updated ordinance against loitering for the purpose of prostitution on May 6. 

Officers in several DPD patrol cars questioned and dispersed suspected sex workers Monday night from one of the parking lots where they have been known to gather. 

Many in the area believe that voicing their concerns to CBS News Texas made a difference. 

"I think it's gonna be better for business, more safe for the people, for customers. Maybe it's also more safe for the families to come here."

Police are making their presence in the area known. It's not eliminating the problem, but there is at least some enforcement happening for the first time in months. 

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