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Dallas nightclub owner questions alleged assault involving Rashee Rice

Nightclub owner speaks on Rashee Rice investigation
Nightclub owner speaks on Rashee Rice investigation 01:44

DALLAS — The owner of a downtown Dallas nightclub questions whether a physical assault happened inside involving NFL star Rashee Rice. 

The club released a security camera video that it says shows the accuser leaving the club with no visible injuries. 

Dallas police are also examining the footage while detectives investigate claims against the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver. 

"I told him I've got cameras I can show you through my phone what's up," said Reza Dibaje, who owns Lit Lounge.

The owner of Lit Lounge says he showed a Dallas Police detective this security camera video that recorded the early morning hours on Monday outside his club on North Harwood Street. 

Dibaje says the detective told him that the male seen walking around outside the front entrance in a blue T-shirt is the accuser in a police report alleging that Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice assaulted him inside the club.  


"If I got hit and beat up by somebody I would say, 'call the cops, call an ambulance,'" said Dibaje.

The owner says there are no obvious signs from the video that suggest the accuser was injured or had been assaulted. 

"It doesn't look like a guy that got beat somewhere," Dibaje said.

The club's owner says he had a pleasant exchange with Rice who he says was inside the club here in the VIP area for less than a half hour and didn't order any alcohol. 

"At first I didn't know who he was," said Dibaje. "He was pretty nice. He was pretty calm. He didn't even drink."

Rice is already facing multiple felony charges for his role in a multi-car wreck on Central Expressway back in March that left several people injured. Rice is accused of both causing the accident and fleeing the scene. 

A police report on this week's alleged assault says the accuser went to a hospital for treatment of injuries. 

The club owner says if an assault happened he believes he would have known about it and plans to continue scouring his security cameras for evidence. 

"Cause I wanna make sure," said Dibaje. "Maybe I missed something, I don't know."

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