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Arlington Police say officers shot armed suspect after domestic disturbance call, vehicle and foot chase

Arlington Police say officers shot armed suspect after domestic disturbance call, vehicle and foot c
Arlington Police say officers shot armed suspect after domestic disturbance call, vehicle and foot c 02:37

ARLINGTON — A 20-year-old man shot by police is in stable condition after leading Arlington police through a series of calls that ended with gunfire.

Arlington Police Lt. Courtney White said officers were called to the 3700 block of Shady Valley Dr. just before 10 a.m. for a domestic disturbance. A 20-year-old man was arguing with his family over his drug use. The family grew concerned and called 911.

Later, officers found the same man a short distance from the house. After a brief conversation, police ruled that nothing criminal had occurred and offered to take him home. They began to frisk him before he got into the car but he ran away. The officers did not pursue him since he had not committed a crime

The officers returned to the home to update the family that they had located the man. While at the home, officers received a call over the radio that a man holding a gun approached a nearby homeowner and demanded money. He did not harm the homeowner and quickly ran away. Officers recognized the man as the same 20-year-old male and began searching the area for him.

Family members then said he returned and was attempting to take a pick-up truck from the driveway.

Officers returned to the home as the male was leaving the driveway in the truck and spotted a firearm in his possession. The officers called out a description of the pickup truck. Other responding officers quickly located the truck and attempted to pull him over, but the man did not stop.

A vehicle pursuit began.

Arlington PD said it believes the suspect fired through his windshield at an officer posted by the vehicle at the end of the street. 

A short time later, the man crashed the truck, hitting another car. The driver of the other vehicle sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

With the truck disabled, the suspect fled on foot.

Officers found him in the driveway carport of another home on Shady Drive. Officers approached the carport, saw he was still armed and gave him commands to show his hands.

Both officers ultimately fired at the suspect several times and he surrendered. Officers rendered first aid as the 20-year-old had been shot several times. He was taken to hospital and is in stable condition. No officers were injured.

A gun was found near the carport. White said it is unclear if the suspect fired any more shots near the carport. 

The man's family said he fired rounds inside the home before leaving in the truck.

Arlington Police provide update on shooting involving an officer by CBS TEXAS on YouTube

White said the 20-year-old's name will be released when he is released from the hospital, at which time he will charged with one count of aggravated assault on a public servant, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of family violence and one count of evading.

Multiple investigations are underway, White said, that include departmental procedures and body cam footage. The involved officers have been placed on administrative leave, which is standard protocol.

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