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Wrong-Way Bay Bridge Bus Lanes Considered As Morning Traffic Solution

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— They say desperate times call for desperate measures. Faced with growing traffic concerns, transit officials are floating an idea of using a wrong-way lane for bus commuters on the Bay Bridge.

In an effort to get more people across the Bay Bridge in the mornings, transit planners are kicking around the novel idea in hopes of getting more people to commute by bus.

The concept, called contraflow lane reversal, includes a bus-only lane on the Bay Bridge in the mornings for San Francisco-bound commuters on the eastbound or lower-deck, and separated by a moveable barrier. It would allow Trans-bay buses to get by, unimpeded, from drivers who cut bus drivers off while pulling into the Transbay Terminal.

One bus driver said it would be easier if they had their own lane and that they could maybe even get to their destination on time without so many interruptions.

The idea still has plenty more debate ahead, but with BART maxed out during the morning commute, and so many people driving or casually carpooling, AC Transit, which runs 30 trans-bay lines, said it could add capacity to those lines if it had a dedicated route into the city.

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