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Woman Suing Planet Fitness After Complaints Over Transgender Person In Locker Room Gets Her Membership Revoked

MIDLAND, MI (CBS SF) -- A Michigan woman is suing Planet Fitness over claims that the gym was too respectful of transgender members.

Yvette Cormier had her gym membership revoked after repeatedly complaining to other customers about a policy allowing a transgender person to use the same locker room as her.

Cormier claims that the company's policy created an "invasion of privacy [that] enables sexual harassment and possible criminal activity, and endangers women and children," according to her complaint.

The litigation, filed in state court, alleges Cormier suffered damages that include a loss of gym facilities, humiliation and damage to reputation.

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Earlier this month, the mother of two reported to Planet Fitness' front desk that she saw someone who looked like a man enter the women's locker room while she was changing.

The front desk cited policy that allows people to use changing rooms based on "their sincere, self-reported gender identity." Planet Fitness' corporate headquarters told her the same thing when she called to complain.

She then returned to the gym the following week to let other woman know that they let men in the women's locker room. A couple days later, she found out her membership had been canceled.

According to CNN, Yvette Cormier's Planet Fitness membership was canceled not because she raised the issue, but because the club management felt the manner in which she expressed her concerns was "inappropriate."

Cormier blames the gym for not doing a better job of informing members about the policy and says it should provide a third locker room for transgender people.


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