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VIDEO: Livermore Star Wars Crop Circle Awaits The Rebel Alliance

LIVERMORE (CBS SF) -- Call it the Star Wars 'if you built it, they will come' moment for a Livermore boy and his father.

Etched into a rural field lays a 200-foot beacon for any wayward Star Wars Rebel Alliance X-wing fighter that may need a safe port of call in the Bay Area.

Well, at least that's the hope of 6th grader Will Mullen.

In a moment of inspiration and filled with Star Wars mania, Matt and his father, Mark, spent hours etching an unique crop circle in the shape of a Rebel Alliance insignia in the field.

It is the symbol of the Rebellion called the 'Alliance Starbird', also known as the Phoenix. It represents hope.

The insignia was seen on the flight helmets of X-wing pilots in previous installments of the Star Wars franchise.

But with "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" coming out this week, Will figured what better way to celebrate what some critics are calling the best and most exciting film of the series.

"If any X-Wing star fighters are flying by, they are welcome to land here," said Will with a smile.

When asked why he didn't just draw a picture or wear a t-shirt like every other sixth grader, Will replied, "Yeah, but not every sixth grader has 60 acres like this."

Star Wars crop circle
Star Wars crop circle (CBS)

Over a span of a several days, the pair used a GPS plotter, a plow and a disc to create the now familiar shape. But for the most part it has remained hidden from the view of their neighbors.

When viewed from the ground level, the design is essentially invisible. But for passengers arriving on flights into Oakland International Airport, a glance out the window reveals an amazing sight.

The seven-acre creation is also easily observed in video taken by Sky Drone 5.

"You can pretty much do a lot of stuff that you think, 'Oh that's impossible. Oh, you can't do that.' You can do a lot more stuff than you think," said the confident 11-year-old.

Mark Mullen is a pilot, so he and Matt have been able to view their labor of love from the air.

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