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Video: Mount Diablo Tour Bus Crosses Yellow Line On Blind Curve, Just Missing Cyclist

MOUNT DIABLO (KPIX) - New video of a heart-stopping close call on Mount Diablo shows a large tour bus crossing the yellow line and driving in the oncoming lane around a blind curve with a cyclist in its path.

Now, one cyclist organization is urging lawmakers to do something after bicyclists had several close calls on the same road with large vehicles -- all caught on video.

The video shows a large bus chugging up the narrow two-lane road through Mount Diablo Park, straddling lanes and at one point veering dangerously close to an oncoming cyclist.

In a Facebook post the head of the Mt. Diablo Cyclists' Organization says it's been happening more frequently. It says, "buses 40 feet long and 8.5 to 10 feet wide filled with children have been traversing Mount Diablo over the past few weeks."

Cyclists riding through the park told KPIX that despite all the signs posted in the park like, 'share the road' and 'do not pass bikes on blind curves,' some drivers break the rules anyway.

"These corners are tight and the roads are narrow so anything that's larger than a regular-sized vehicle is kind of a safety hazard," said cyclist Jeremy Muldoon.

The Mt. Diablo cyclists are asking members to contact lawmakers about the problem.

"I think it definitely warrants a discussion and warrants looking into," said Eric Whann, who also rides his bike here.

These cyclists say they don't want all buses banned, just more regulations.

"I remember growing up around here and going on field trips, so I wouldn't want to take that away from kids, but definitely limiting the time these kind of buses are up here," says cyclist Michael Locke.

Cyclist Steve Gillman agrees.

"I think what it comes down to is everybody, cyclists and cars and buses, everybody just needs to slow down."

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