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Trump Prepares For Inauguration Day, As U.S. Cities Prepare For Protests

WASHINGTON D.C (KPIX 5) -- While President-elect Donald Trump was basking in his big moment in the nation's capitol on the eve of his inauguration, men and women around the country were preparing for a long weekend of protests.

Less than 24 hours until the inauguration of Donald Trump -- and what many feel will be a new reality for California -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is getting ready to go to the inauguration.

Rep. Pelosi told KPIX 5 earlier this week, "I have to admit that I never thought we would be ever having Donald Trump be President of the United States. But he is, and I will be there in my capacity as House democratic leader."

But she says there's one thing she won't do. She said she will not be going to the ball.

"No, I'm there for the official ceremony, I'm not there to celebrate," Pelosi said.

She said she's going to try and get back to San Francisco for the Women's March being held there, one of a number events planned in the Bay Area.

In D.C., there's tons of Trump inauguration memorabilia. People are setting up stands by the minute, practically, selling T-shirts, mugs, everything plastered with Trump's name and face on it.

The Trump inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial wrapped up Thursday night, capping off with a huge fireworks display.

The President-elect spoke at a dinner for campaign donors Thursday night. He was then scheduled to spend the night at the Blair House, the the guest house where President-elects traditionally stay the night before taking office.

And some notable names attended the dinner. Caitlyn Jenner was there, but declined to comment to reporters while walking in.

Country singer Toby Keith headlined the Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial.

Trump and members of his family were there. He addressed the crowd, saying, "We're going to make America great for all of our people -- everybody."

The Women's National Democratic Club has stepped in to help organize the Women's March on Saturday and on Thursday, women from all over the country were making posters.

A lot of them are also wearing the pink hats that women across the country have been knitting to wear on Saturday.

Nuchhi Currier is the president of the club and said, "There has been an awakening...Sleeping giant watch out."

Currier says she's hopeful about what happens next and that the march will be peaceful.

We also ran into a whole table full of women from the Bay Area on Thursday who were at the club, making signs to hold up on Saturday.

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