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Tippi Hedren Reveals Alfred Hitchcock Both Assaulted & Stalked Her

By Angela Chase

(100.3JACK FM) – One of Alfred Hitchcock's most famous blondes is Tippi Hedren, star of The Birds and Marnie and mother to actress Melanie Griffith and grandmother of Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson. In a new memoir, simply titled, Tippi, Hedren recalls the horrific experience of filming with Hitchcock.

The 86 year old said that while filming The Birds in 1963, Hitchcock ordered cast members not to "touch the girl," and said that if she did speak to other men, the director became "icy" and "petulant." Hedren also said that while riding in the back of a limo, Hitchcock tried to force himself on her and to kiss her.

The following year, Hedren worked with Hitchcock on the film Marnie. Things became particularly disturbing at this time. Hedren said Hitchcock had a door installed between her dressing room and his office. Even creepier, she claims he had a lifelike mask of her face that he kept for his own, personal use.

At one point, Hitchcock entered her dressing room and put his hands on her. She said the harder she fought, the more aggressive he became. Hedren said she never told anyone about the incidents "sexual harassment and stalking were terms that didn't exist" at the time.

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