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Thieves Ram Vehicles Into 6 San Jose Businesses to Steal ATMs In Overnight Crime Spree

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) -- A destructive South Bay crime spree overnight left a half dozen San Jose businesses cleaning up Tuesday after thieves smashed into storefronts with two vehicles in order to steal ATMs.

"We do believe this group was working in concert together, different vehicles, same group of people," said San Jose Police Dept. Sgt. Christian Camarillo. "This occurred all over the city. From the south part of the city, into downtown, toward the north end of the city."

The thieves broke into six businesses starting a few minutes after 3 a.m. and ended at 4:36 a.m.

The suspects used vehicles to shatter glass storefronts and straps to pry open doors, said Camarillo.

"I don't recall where there was six business within this short amount of time, I mean an hour and a half to target six businesses, these criminals were very busy," he said.

Store surveillance video shows how they did it. The suspects used one car to ram the storefront, in this case it was the Santa Clara Smoke Shop.

The surveillance camera clip shows that it took a couple of attempts to break through. The sedan winds up half way into the store.

The suspects then back in a pick-up truck. After a few minutes of struggle, they manage to haul away the ATM.

Owner Joe Ali said the burglars were only able to steal a few pieces of clothing but left him with a huge mess to clean up.

"What they gain, nothing, what you're going to get a couple hundred dollars maybe, come on," Ali said.

"It's very bad. It's ridiculous. It's crazy. They go run, break into businesses like that. We're trying to make a living, working hard all day," the smoke shop manager told KPIX. "And they come, break in, do big damage like that, and whatever they are going to take isn't even worth nothing, you know? Nothing worth the damage they make me go through."

The smoke shop manager said it took the whole day to clean up the mess and estimated he will be out thousands of dollars.

Surveillance footage from Branham Liquor Store shows two thieves working in coordination to steal an ATM machine.

Jimmy Singh, who has owned the store for more than two decades, said the ATM didn't have much money in it. He pleaded for police to catch the crooks.

"Almost like a heart attack to see the store, this is my livelihood," said Singh. "I was very sad."

The suspects were only able to get away with one ATM machine out of the six businesses that were targeted.

These are the 6 stores that were hit Tuesday morning:

Don's Liquor Store 1053 E. Capitol Expressway

Branham Liquor and Wine 1656 Branham Lane

Santa Clara Smoke Shop 565 E. Santa Clara St.

Camden Liquors 5837 Camden Ave.

G&A Color Nail Salon 3041 McKee Rd.

Safeway 1455 Berryessa Rd.

Allen Martin and Maria Medina contributed to this report.

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