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The First Newspaper For Bay Area's Pot Industry Rolling Out This Month

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The Bay Area is home to magazines and periodicals about clothing, lifestyle, boating and hi-tech but now comes one about marijuana—California's growing cash crop.


The First Newspaper For Bay Area's Pot Industry Rolls Out This Month

It wasn't too long ago that pot was still considered an underground drug, part of the counter culture—widely used but still lurking in the shadows of mainstream society and politics.

But that is no longer the case as the upscale newspaper called SF Evergreen—the first to cover the Bay Area's cannabis industry and culture—is set to debut later this month.

"SF Evergreen is a new magazine that's serving the Bay Area cannabis industry. We are going to be—what we hope is an upper class, sort-of GQ or Vanity Fair for the marijuana scene in the Bay Area," editor Chris Roberts told KCBS.

He said that cannabis has come a long way and that the annual crop is larger than grapes, almonds and all vegetables in California.

It's used by grandmothers with debilitating disease to top-flight, hi-tech executives, he said.

"If you've never touched marijuana in your life, there's something interesting in this magazine for you to read," Roberts said.

SF Evergreen, published monthly by the San Francisco Media Company which owns the San Francisco Examiner and The SF Weekly, is scheduled to be available for free at San Francisco newsstands on Jan. 26.


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