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Tech Exec Sentenced After Pleading Guilty To Battering His Wife

(KPIX 5) -- A judge has sentenced Abhishek Gattani, the tech exec who pleaded guilty of battering his wife for 10 years.

But the victim says the proposed sentence is too lenient.

During one confrontation, the victim got out her phone and recorded audio.

The felony assault charges were reduced and he will likely serve no more than 15 days in jail.

Advocates for domestic violence victims protested outside the courthouse.

It has been almost a year since the arrest of Abhishek Gattani, and longer since the recording was taken by his wife.

But even in the sentencing of his domestic violence charges, his estranged wife and domestic violence victim Neha Rastogi, says there is little resolution.

Rastogi said, "I definitely need...hoping for something better to happen."

Her husband pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges.

But in an effort to get a felony conviction, the District Attorney crafted a deal that neither she nor domestic violence advocates were happy about.

This deal allows Gattani to serve a six-month sentence with credit for time served.

After the remaining 13 days of his first month he'll be eligible for a 5-month program picking up trash, but out of jail. It may also keep him from being deported to his native India.

He also was sentenced to three years of probation and cannot drink alcohol during the first year.

Protest organizer Papiha Nandy said, "That's it?...match the crime."

But while the District Attorney says it's the best they could do, both Rastogi and her supporters say its not good enough.

"When I made the leap of faith I felt that I would have better support from the system and I think I totally misjudged that," Rastogi said.

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