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Suspended Kensington Detective's Stolen Gun Recovered After Prostitute's Pimp Shoots Himself In Reno

KENSINGTON (CBS SF) -- A Kensington police detective was suspended earlier this week after allegedly having sex with a prostitute who stole his gun, badge, and ammo from a Reno hotel room while he slept.

In late May, Sergeant Keith Barrow allegedly paid $70 to have sex with a prostitute while he was off duty.

Barrow woke up to find his badge, two clips of ammunition, and his gun missing.

Barrow was never cited, and returned to work.  He wasn't suspended until earlier this week.

Residents in Kensington were outraged it took so long for Barrow to be disciplined.

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"It's a career breaker, and it's a really negative blot on somebody's record.  On the other hand, seems like if you're paying somebody $186,000 a year there ought to be some accountability," Mike Emery said.

Barrow's stolen gun was later recovered by Reno police after the prostitute's pimp shot himself in the leg with that gun.

It's unclear how long Barrow's suspension will last.


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