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Supervisors Criticize TechSF Program For Lack Of Job Placements

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— A San Francisco program to train the next generation of tech workers is coming under fire for its lack of job placements.

TechSF is supposed to train and place 2,500 unemployed or underemployed Bay Area residents in technology jobs by 2017.

Some students have said the program has provided opportunities, but the program's results have been criticized by San Francisco's Board of Supervisors.

Supervisor David Campos said TechSF needs to do a better job of getting the word out to the Bay Area about the benefits of their program.

Supervisors Criticize TechSF Program For Lack Of Job Placements

"It's really awesome. I've never had an experience like this," said 21-year-old Emmanuel Michel, one of the students who will graduate in July.

"I couldn't even imagine an experience like this because I would think that you need to finish college and further all your education to even be place by in a vocation like Mozilla," said Michel.

Michel,  who has been placed in a paid internship at Mozilla, is one of 22 program participants who have gotten internships while 23 others have tech jobs.

Campos said part of the problem is the city didn't get guarantees that a specific number of TechSF students would be hired by the companies that got tax breaks.

"What we're seeing now is after the fact, once those benefits have been provided that we're trying to get something in return. That's a very difficult position for the city to be in," said Campos.

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