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Santa Clara Valley Water District Considers Tighter Restrictions Than State's New Regulations

SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KCBS)— With the state expanding emergency water restrictions in the wake of the drought, Bay Area residents could soon be asked to conserve even more. It could happen as soon as next week in Santa Clara County.

Water officials say even though rainfall has been close to normal in some places, the area is actually in worse shape than it was a year ago.

"Here in our area, we're going to need to actually re-double our efforts and save more than we did last year. Our board is actually going to consider whether or not to increase our 20 percent call for water reductions to some higher number because we want to make sure we're ready in case this drought continues," said Marty Grimes with the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Grimes commented on the state-water board's approval that limits outdoor watering.

"For places that don't already have a limit on watering days, this new rule would impose a two-day a week restriction on watering lawns and ornamental landscapes. That could make a big difference in the amount of water used statewide."

Grimes said most water is used outdoors especially in the summer and that new regulations could really make a difference.


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