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Reporter, DJ, Broadcaster On List Of Worst Jobs For 2017

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- Two of the worst jobs in the country are newspaper reporter and broadcaster according to

The job-hunting website came out with its list of the worst jobs for 2017. Even firefighters made the top ten.

The rankings are based on growth outlook of the profession, income, environmental conditions and stress.

Journalism is important, even satisfying, but career counselor Marty Nemko isn't surprised to see reporter and broadcaster on the list.

"In the last 2 years I've written 20 essays for Time Magazine in the prestigious Idea Section. My total pay? Zero -- even though I'm not shy about negotiating," says Nemko. "Supply and demand -- it's a wonderful career in theory, but in practice it's a shadow of its former self."

He says so many people have flooded the market, it has turned the profession into an almost a voluntary vocation.

"For most of the world, journalism has become a volunteer effort. So many people want to be loud and proud, so they become citizen journalists," he says.

Nemko believes that 'advocacy journalism' and the Internet have changed the profession and there is a greater supply of citizen journalists than there is demand. Right now, he recommends jobs that he says fall under the radar when it comes to good salaries and working conditions.

"My favorites are on college campuses. College campuses are among the more pleasant places to work of all."

According to Nemko, academic advisers have a high degree of reward, stability and reasonable pay.

"So many students are clueless as to what to major in, what courses are needed. They don't want to graduate and find out the last minute before they graduate, 'oh no I've gotta stay another six months.' So being an academic adviser -- the academic school year is really short and it's low stress." also ranks pest control worker, enlisted military personnel, disc jockey, and advertising salesperson among the ten worst jobs of the year.

Here are the top 10:

1. Newspaper Reporter
2. Broadcaster
3. Logger
4. Enlisted Military Personnel
5. Pest Control Worker
6. Disc Jockey
7. Advertising Sales Person
8. Firefighter
9. Retail Salesperson
10.Taxi Driver

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