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'It seems to go in cycles;' Prostitution crackdown on San Francisco's Capp St.

Plans in the works to put barricades up on Capp Street to slow prostitution
Plans in the works to put barricades up on Capp Street to slow prostitution 02:47

SAN FRANCISCO -- Capp Street in the heart of the Mission has been known as a red light district for decades, but neighbors say prostitution activity has picked up of late and are demanding action.

There are plans to put barricades up on Capp Street this week but action has already been taken Wednesday night.

The San Francisco Police Department has now teamed up with Sheriff's deputies to conduct patrols up and down the street.

"This street has always been known for sex work," Bill Blum, a Capp Street resident said. "If I could just take the pimps out of the equation, I wouldn't care too much."

Blum has lived on Capp Street for more than 25 years and he's raised his family here. His issue is with not with the sex workers or the John's but the traffickers. Prostitution on the street is something his family has become accustomed to but he's concerned with violence erupting in front of his home.

 "I think it's a part of life," Blum said. "It's not something we dwell on or focus on. I don't think my younger, his younger brother quite gets what's going on right now but I certainly don't want to be blaming the young woman. Many of them are quite young."

Mikayla Mays has also seen the young woman walk up and down Capp Street looking for a customer.

 "Personally it does make me deeply sad and worried for them," she told KPIX.

Mays shares the same sentiment as many others that live on Capp Street. Their is sympathy is for the women trying to make a living on the streets.

"I hope those women are safe and find a better situation for themselves," she said.

Whether it's having extra patrols or barricades, many feel prostitution will never really go away. Blum just hopes it just gets better over time. 

"There was times it got better and it got worse," he said. "There were times there was no one here and it changed again. It seems to go in cycles."

The supervisor for this district, Hillary Ronen, has supported legalizing sex work but that has met some opposition. 

The San Francisco Police Officers Association sent out a tweet accusing Supervisor Ronen for making it easier for traffickers to prey on women.

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