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Owner Of New Los Gatos Gun Shop Says He's Received Death Threats

LOS GATOS (KPIX 5) - A heated debate of the opening of a Los Gatos gun store resulted in death threats toward the store's owner.

The threat came in the midst of an emotional debate about guns and gun sales in Los Gatos, prompted by the opening of Templar Sports. The University Avenue shop has been the site of protests from local residents in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. The store opened just weeks after the Newton shootings, and it does offer assault style rifles and guns as well as fishing gear.

Owner Robert Chang tensions came to a head when he received a death threat at his house on Tuesday.

"We've tried to work with the community, with the town, and go through this process with the town meetings and unfortunately, someone has done this unlawful behavior," said Chang. "Obviously, I am fearing for my safety to a certain level. If an individual or individuals went through the process to find our where I live and take that step to make a threat, it is unfortunate."

Chang denies allegations that his business was trying to cash in on a spike in gun sales fueled by rumors of new regulations.

"We started this process many months ago, and when we got all our permits it was in late December. We were sensitive to what was going on, but we had to make a business decision," said Chang.

Others suggest there is simply an adjustment period as the upscale town full of boutiques gets used to the new business.

"It's definitely unusual for us, and that's why people are having such a difficult time with it," said Jeri Tjon, a Los Gatos resident.

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