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Oakland Leaders Optimistic About Possible Raiders Stadium Deal

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- City leaders in Oakland on Tuesday were taking what could be their last shot at keeping the Raiders in their East Bay home.

Optimism was at an all-time high as officials walked into a closed-door meeting to discuss a possible stadium deal that could change the future fate of the Oakland Raiders.

"It's long overdue," said Oakland City Council member Noel Gallo. "We've been waiting for this for 10 years. We are finally there."

What does "finally there" mean for Oakland? For the first time in memory, it appears that everyone is on board with a plan.


According to reports, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is hopeful that a total investment of $1 billion -- a combination of $600 million in private money provided by a group of investors led by former 49er and Raider Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott, coupled with $200 million in public money and an additional $200 million from the National Football League -- could be enough to entice the team to stay instead of moving to Las Vegas.

When asked if he had a good feeling, Gallo replied, "Absolutely! I'm ready to vote for it and move on."

Las Vegas has already committed $750 million of public money that would go toward building a stadium there.

Griz, a longtime Raider fan with the group Forever Oakland, spoke before city leaders before the closed door meeting.

"All arrows are pointing toward Oakland. The way the team is playing right now; the way the NFL is wanting a deal to get done here, said Griz. They have high-level respect for Ronnie Lotts investment team . "

And besides fans, local sports stars were also chiming in on Twitter.

Warriors star Kevin Durant, whose team plans to leave Oakland for San Francisco, posted: "I'm a Washington Redskin until I die, but that atmosphere in the coliseum for a raider game is just... Wow!"

Lott responded to Durant's post, tweeting "KD's first game and he got it right away. The Raiders have some of the very best fans in the NFL and the team belongs in Oakland."

He also appealed to other Bay Area athletes, including Steph Curry, to join in support to keep the team in Oakland.

While it all comes down to financials, Gallo said there were no concerns in that respect.

"The money is there," said the council member.

The city and county both have to sign off on any type of stadium deal, but those involved with the decision-making process tell KPIX 5 they are closer to signing off on a deal than they ever have been before.

The biggest road-block for keeping the team in Oakland may be owner Mark Davis, who has made it clear he wants his team to move to Vegas.

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