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Nursing Student Hailed For Heroism During Fatal Hayward BART Train Stabbing

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- An East Bay nursing student who notified police of a November stabbing attack on a BART train and comforted the victim in his dying moments was commended for her actions by BART officials Thursday.

At the meeting of the BART Board of Directors, transit officials issued a commendation to 22-year-old Sophia Humphrey for what they described as her "compassionate and courageous actions" during the fatal attack that took another BART rider life on November 19, 2019.


49-year-old Oakland resident Oliver "Tyrone" Williams was allegedly stabbed by 39-year-old Sacramento resident Jeremiah Brim after trying to stop Brim from stealing a sleeping passenger's shoes.

Williams intervened when he saw the attempted theft. During the confrontation between the two men, a knife was produced by Williams. The men struggled over control of the knife. Once Brim gained control of the weapon, he is alleged to have used it to stab Williams repeatedly.

Humphrey, a nursing student at Ohlone College, texted police as the attack was in progress.

"They were wrestling with the knife for a while before the attacker managed to get hold of it and stab Mr. Tyrone multiple times," Humphrey told KPIX 5 during an interview last month.

She said Brim then exited the train and ran when they got to South Hayward station.

Humphrey then grabbed medical gloves from her backpack, pulled herself out of her wheelchair and tried to help Williams while she waited for paramedics to arrive.

"I applied as much pressure as I could," said Humphrey.

She talked to Williams, trying to comfort him and keep him conscious even though she couldn't hear him respond.

"One of the things people fear is dying alone. I was glad I was able to be there for him," said Humphrey.

Humphrey did all she could to save William's life. Minutes after emergency personnel arrived, Williams was pronounced dead at the scene.

"I feel she, as a nursing student, is an amazing person. She had no fear when this incident happened", said BART Board member Liz Ames, who represents South Hayward Station. "What an honor it is to know she was there and he [Williams] did not die alone. She is a compassionate hero."

Humphrey spoke to the the Board and meeting attendees briefly after receiving the commendation.

"I know God gave me what I needed in the moment and I hope if others find themselves in a situation where they can help, that they would help," she said.

Brim was arraigned last month on a murder charge and four other felony counts for the fatal stabbing of Williams.


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