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Nightclub Violence Remains A Concern For San Francisco Police

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - While New Year's Eve enforcement plans are on the minds of many within the San Francisco Police Department, a shooting early Sunday morning has brought about more concerns about violence near nightclubs.

There have been at least a half dozen shootings this year in and around San Francisco nightclubs.

KCBS' Anna Duckworth Reports:

Jocelyn Kane with the San Francisco Entertainment Commission said they've been talking about additional security measures with police.

"The Entertainment Commission has been working hard the last two weeks or more and will continue up to New Year's, giving them as much information as we can about what we know about activities that are going to be happening on New Year's Eve," she said.

The issue of nightclub violence spurred action in August, when a German tourist was shot outside of a party in Union Square.

Kane said the police department was told to come up with a proposal to present to the board of supervisors.

"It was scheduled before the holidays and then there was activity that took precedence," Kane said. "So that will come back on the calendar in January."

The recommendations include requiring nightclubs to install cameras, metal detectors, outside lighting and ID scanners.

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