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Mystery Meat Found In Glen Park Raises Coyote Concerns

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Coyote sightings are pretty common around San Francisco, but a recent discovery in Glen Park has some concerned that residents could be taking coyote control into their own hands.

The questions started last week when a woman found what she believed was cooked chicken while walking a trail in Glen Canyon Park.

The woman found the pile of meat was just north of Silver Tree.

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On the Next Door app, she posted that she picked up what she could. She speculated that it was possible someone might be trying to either feed area coyotes or poison neighborhood dogs and wanted to alert others in case in the area.

Comments on her post from other area residents also speculated that someone might be trying to poison coyotes, though there was no indication that samples of the meat were tested or turned over to authorities with animal control.

Dan De Vries, a volunteer with conservation group Project Coyote, said the woman did the right thing by picking the meat up.

"We just don't want people feeding wildlife in any size, shape, or form," explained De Vries.

De Vries said whether people want to provide food for animals or try to poison them, they're not doing the environment a favor either way.

They are likely doing more harm than good if the food is poisoned.

"Even if you get the particular species that you're trying to poison, other critters will dine on them," said De Vries. "It goes all the way up through the ecosystem."

Food left out lures coyotes into the area. That's why Glen Park resident Mary Ann Ordano doesn't let her dog Summer roam freely when she's out on a walk.

"I keep her on leash, because I've seen them out," said Ordano. "They come out early in the morning like 4:30 and 5. They're out there."

Coyotes live off rodents. That is another reason the San Francisco Rec and Parks Department urges dog owners to maintain control of their pets. Residents are warned where you see a rodent, a coyote may not be too far behind.

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