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Muni Driver Caught On Video Initially Refusing To Let Wheelchair User Board Bus In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- A Muni driver may face disciplinary action after being caught on video initially refusing to let a wheelchair user board his bus, and verbally harassing the woman.

Liz Henry filed a complaint with the SFMTA after the driver at first refused to let her board because the bus was too crowded last month.

The exchange was caught on surveillance video.

Driver: "Now what you got to do is, catch the next one.  Catch the next one!"

Liz: "You can let me on.  There's room."

Driver: "You don't demand nothing.  There's a guy in a white truck if you want to complain.  He's right there."

Liz: "We have a right to use the bus.  You don't, you don't, you don't not let me on because I'm in a wheelchair."

Driver: "You don't demand nothing, neither."

The driver eventually let Liz board the bus, but as she exited at the end of her ride, the driver suggested she shouldn't be allowed to use the bus.

"You gonna complain anyway, that's all you is! Hahaha. That's how y'all live. You shouldn't even be on the bus," he said.

Muni has begun an investigation into the incident.

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