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Million Dollar San Jose Homes Plagued By Falling Tiles Get Repairs

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) -- The brand new housing development that's been falling apart in San Jose is finally getting repairs.

It's happening in the Communications Hills Promenade, a brand new subdivision in South San Jose.

The repairs aren't making homeowners feel any better about the situation.

KB Home continues to build new homes at a fast pace on Communications Hill, even as it begins tearing down the exteriors of many homes found to have dangerous, faulty construction.

Workers built three-story platforms around a practically new house. It's the first of 70 homes in the neighborhood to get an exterior do-over.

Neighbor Michael Clark said, "There's still going to be a lot of work being done here. They're going to start tearing stuff down, people are not going to be happy. Look at all these trucks and stuff still here. These homes are done, but they're not."

KPIX 5 learned in early October that heavy porcelain tiles, used as decorative siding, began falling off several homes creating a severe hazard.

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After our reporting, KB Home hired "forensic tile experts" to check the tiles on every home.

The experts found tiles so poorly attached that virtually all of them needed to be replaced.

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KB Home managers would not agree to be interviewed, but said in a statement:

"Following through on our commitment to rectify the exterior tile concerns, we are moving to thoroughly implement the consultant's recommendations..."

But at a homeowners association meeting Monday night, one new owner said he regretted buying there.

Homeowner Frank Sewald said, "I hate to say it but this is one of the worst decisions I have ever made. I wish I had just continued to rent an apartment because the amount of time and money, and just stress. You know I bought a new home so I wouldn't have problems."

He said tiles were one of many problems with his new million-dollar house.

KB Home says it will be using a new mortar compound to re-attach tiles on all the homes getting a do-over, and that the work will take several months to complete.

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