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Massive rabbit rescued on Highway 17 being cared for in Marin County

Extra large rabbit rescued by Santa Cruz CHP along side of Hwy 17
Extra large rabbit rescued by Santa Cruz CHP along side of Hwy 17 00:37

A huge rabbit that was found by construction workers along Highway 17 and rescued by CHP officers over the weekend is now being cared for in Marin County, according to officials.

The large rabbit tips the scales at a whopping 26 pounds.

Santa Cruz CHP rabbit rescue
Santa Cruz CHP rabbit rescue Santa Cruz CHP

The Santa Cruz CHP office posted on Facebook about the rabbit Monday afternoon, saying construction workers found the animal close Laurel Curve along Highway 17 Sunday night. The workers reached out to CHP for assistance and officers gave the outsized bunny, who CHP named "Bugs," a ride to Pacific and Santa Cruz Veterinary Specialists.

Officials with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter in turn picked up the rabbit and transported the animal to a Mill Valley rabbit rescue organization for care. Shelter officials said the rabbit, a likely a female Flemish Giant, a type of rabbit that is frequently bred for large size.  

Bugs, the rescued Flemish Giant rabbit
Bugs, the rescued Flemish Giant rabbit. Santa Cruz Animal Care

Shelter personnel said the animal was "somewhat grumpy" and uncomfortable with handling and had injuries to the side of the face near the right eye and at the back of the neck. Judging from hair loss and what looked like a puncture wound near her left eye, Bugs may be a pet rabbit that was grabbed from a private enclosure by a predator or possibly attacked by a predator after being abandoned.

Bugs is currently being held as a stray, but can be reclaimed with proof of ownership. If no owner comes forward, officials said Bugs will probably go up for adoption. Officials also noted that the shelter has several other sociable, healthy and friendly rabbits currently available for adoption.

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