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Recently-Reconnected Brothers Going Viral As They Try To Track Down Their Twin Sisters

ENON VALLEY, Pa. (KDKA/CBS LOCAL) -- Two brothers who just made a pretty remarkable connection are now trying to track down their twin sisters.

Ed Clark, from Enon Valley, Lawrence County, just met his half-brother, Matt Shaw, who was born in Lawrence County, but later moved to South Carolina.

(Source: Clark Family/Facebook)

Both men were adopted by different families at birth, but they connected, recently, through Matt also employed the help of a private detective.

They later learned they also have older twin sisters.

When they met in person recently, they took a photo and posted it on Facebook. In the picture, they're holding a sign that reads, "Looking for our twin sisters born in 1968 and adopted together in the Ellwood City, Pa., area. Birth mother named Sally. Please Share!!"

The post has already garnered over 6,100 shares.

Ed told KDKA's Kym Gable, "I always knew there was probably somebody out there. I didn't know who, or what, or where they were."

In a FaceTime conversation, Matt said, "I don't think Ed or I are looking to get a new family. We have our adoptive families and those are who we know and love, but blood is blood and those girls are out there. I just want to know they're okay."

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