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KPIX 5 Exclusive: Woman At Center Of Oakland Police Sex Scandal Speaks

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) -- In an exclusive interview on Friday, KPIX 5's Da Lin talked to the young woman at the center of a sex scandal that has roiled the Oakland police department.

The woman goes by the name "Celeste Guap," and she spoke to KPIX 5 after she had finished a 2-hour interview at the Oakland police department.

Guap said she had sex with 14 officers from Oakland police department, as well as five from the Richmond police department, three Alameda County Sheriff's deputies and a Livermore cop. She says she only had sex with three officers -- all from Oakland PD -- while she was underage.

Of those three officers, Guap named one -- officer Brendan O'Brien, who committed suicide last September. Guap said she was a prostitute and met O'Brien while working on International Blvd.

"The first time we met, I was chased down International Boulevard by a pimp. Brendan saved me," Guap said.

Guap claimed that officers would protect her while she walked the street and said that officers tipped her off about undercover operations and stings in exchange for sex. She says no money was ever exchanged with the police.

O'Brien's suicide prompted two investigations with several officers admitting they had lied about their relationships with Guap. Many believe the scandal is the primary reason Oakland police chief Sean Whent suddenly resigned on Thursday night.

Reflecting on her experiences, Guap said, "I thought 'wow,' [the officers] cared about me. Thinking back at it, I do see myself as a victim because I do feel like I was taken advantage of ... but, personally, I don't have any bad feelings toward them."


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