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Kim Kardashian West Apprenticing With Bay Area Nonprofit To Become A Lawyer

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Kim Kardashian West, the famous model and reality TV star, is doing an apprenticeship with a Bay Area nonprofit organization as she works to become a lawyer.

On Wednesday, Kardashian West had the Bay Area legal world buzzing after she disclosed in a Vogue article that she was doing an apprenticeship with the goal of taking the bar exam in 2022.

Her apprenticeship is not with a law firm. Instead, she will be working with the Oakland-based nonpartisan nonprofit called #cut50. The prison reform organization is a "national bipartisan effort to reduce the prison population, keep families together and make communities safer," according to spokespeople from the organization.

"We are excited to work with Kim Kardashian West as she pursues her California Legal Apprenticeship under the supervision of #cut50 Co-founder and National Director Jessica Jackson. Like everyone on our team, Kim cares deeply about people who are negatively impacted by the criminal justice system. She has spent time with us meeting with people living inside prisons, meeting with formerly incarcerated people, crafting policy, and working on individual cases while also learning more about the law. We look forward to continuing to work alongside Kim in furtherance of our mission to reduce crime and incarceration nationwide," officials said in a statement.

Kardashian West will work with Jessica Jackson, an attorney and the former mayor of Mill Valley. She runs the Oakland-based nonprofit that works on prison reform across the country.

Late last year, Kardashian West spent time at the White House pushing president Donald Trump to sign legislation to reduce sentences for non-violent offenders. Jackson was also there in Washington with her.

According to a #cut50 spokesperson, after that successful mission in Washington, Kardashian West decided she wanted to become a lawyer with Jackson's help, but she will not go to law school.

In California, one doesn't need to attend law school to take the bar exam; one just has to apprentice with a lawyer or sitting judge.

Jackson and Kardashian West have worked out an apprenticeship program, which will enable the TV star to continue to come to Oakland and work for #cut50 as well as engaging in independent study at home.

Kardashian West has been here in the Bay Area several times in recent months to work on #cut50 projects and she has set a goal to become a lawyer by the year 2022.

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