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The Implications Of Artificial Intelligence In Small Business

The implications of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in small businesses are profound, and will sure to evolve and shape the way small businesses are conducted and handled. Currently, the technology available allows small businesses to use their existing data to build predictive models. Thus, small business owners have the opportunity to take advantage of large data sets, and use statistical analysis and predictive modeling to determine the best way to grow their business and adjust accordingly. This is huge for small business as the technology is readily available and can grow a small business quickly. However, the impact of A.I. will make human interaction less frequent and because of this, small business owners should also continue to focus on what makes small business great: excellent customer service, the ability to accommodate and the local focused aspect.

Regardless of the technological advances, human interaction and contact is desired by most. It is an advantage that technology cannot replace. With this knowledge, small business owners can prepare for artificial intelligence and its related technologies through a number of ways.


Systematize business

Be proactive and automate as much as possible related to the business. For example, have a business website, utilize a payroll software program, and implement multi-channel marketing that includes email, social media, mobile and web options. With a little research and insight, many aspects of a small business can be automated through the use of digital tools reasonably priced in the marketplace.

Emphasize customer service

As mentioned earlier, there is no technology available that can replace human interaction, and the importance of excellent customer service cannot be emphasized enough. The customer should receive an excellent product or service from a small business, but also receive an outstanding customer experience.

Build business network

Connecting with others will be imperative as artificial intelligence increases. Business networking is essential to business success and staying current. Networking with customers, other small business owners, suppliers, distributors and others will ease with the transition of the age of A.I.


This article was written by Michelle M. Guilbeau for CBS Small Business Pulse.

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